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Here are some pictures from the wedding that took place on 27 December 2003 in Lhasa.

       Johannes and Dikki.

       Johannes and Dikki.

       From left to right: Dikki's mother, Johannes, Dikki, Johannes' parents.

       Johannes, Dikki and Dikki's mother.

       Dikki's grandparents.

       Giving katas (felicity scarfs) for good luck.

       After the kata giving ceremony.

       Exchanging the rings.

       Johannes' father giving a speech.

       Having dinner outside.

       Playing Mahjong.

       Burning incense for good luck.

       Dancing around the incense fire.

       Offering tsampa.

       Drinking chang (traditional Tibetan barley beer).

       Tibetan traditional music.

       Tibetan traditional dance.

       Tibetan traditional dance.

Last update 24 September 2005.