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If you want to use your email account with Outlook Express or another email program, you need to configure this program. For this, you need the following information:

Your username: Given to you by the postmaster
Your password: Given to you by the postmaster
Your email address:
Your POP3 mail server:
Your SMTP mail server:
Your POP3/SMTP login name:

It is important that you fill in your login name completely like this, including

You should select "My SMTP server requires authentication". The login name and password are the same as those for your POP3 mail server.

Download Outlook ExpressEXAMPLE 1: To set up Outlook Express.

1. Click on Accounts in the Tools menu
2. Click on Add > Mail...
3. Enter your name
4. Fill in your email address (
5. Select "My incloming mail server is a POP3 server"
     Incoming mail server:
     Outgoing mail server:
6. Fill in account name: (
     Fill in your password
7. Go to Properties and select the tab Servers
     Select "my server requires authentication"

Now you should be able to send and receive email.

Download Pegasus MailEXAMPLE 2: To set up Pegasus Mail.

1. Click on Network configuration in the File menu
2. Click on setup wizard
Note: If you use Pegasus Mail for the first time, the setup wizard will start automatically.
3. Fill in your email address (
4. Fill in the address of the POP3 server:
5. Fill in username ( and password
6. Fill in the address of the SMTP server:
7. Click Next/OK until setup wizard closes
8. Click on the tab Sending (SMTP)
9. Under Authentication select "login using my POP3 settings for username and password".

Now you should be able to send and receive email. More advanced settings you can access by clicking "Options..." in the Tools menu.

If you have any problems, please contact the postmaster through this form.

Last update 5 February 2008.