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Eva Tenzin Yangchen is four years old!

On August 23rd, 2015, Eva celebrated her fourth birthday. Now she can do a lot of things, like talking, dancing, singing, running, climbing, biclycling, etc. She is growing well and is very smart. She is now attending the first grade of the primary school (kindergarten).

Click here to see Eva's growth chart.

Click here for the latest pictures of Eva.


Jeroen is now nearly nine years old. He can read very well and likes (comic) books very much. He is also very good at working with computers and other electronic devices. Jeroen plays soccer and judo.

Click here to see Jeroen's growth chart.

Click here for the latest pictures of Jeroen.


Linda is now ten years old, and attending the seventh grade of primary school. She also does Street Dancing and Fung Fu. She has very nice handwriting, and can draw very well. She keeps growing and is almost a teenager now...!

Click here to see Linda's growth chart.

Click here for the latest pictures of Linda.

Johannes, Dikki, Linda and Jeroen have moved!

In september 2010 we have moved to Zeeland, where Johannes has found a new job at the Water Board. Linda and Jeroen now live closer to their grandparents. They like their new surroundings very much, but they also miss their school, friends and day care mother from Veldwezelt a bit.

Click here for the latest pictures of Johannes and Dikki.

Holiday pictures

In August 2005, Johannes and Dikki have spent their holiday in Holland for the second time.

Click here to view pictures of Johannes and Dikki's holiday.


The pictures of Johannes and Dikki's wedding are still online. Click here to see those pictures.

Last update September 17, 2016.